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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Rashi Bhavishya (Weekly Horoscope) March-12-2012 to March-18-2012

Weekly Rashi Bhavishya (Weekly Horoscope) March-12-2012 to March-18-2012

1. All times are in IST (India) – Please convert to your time zone.

2. Please read as per your MOON Sign only.

3. The travel in this complete article could be very well taken as some connect thru phone, teleconference or video-conference etc as world has come closer now.

4. From March 14th, MESH and SINGH please watch and take care while dealing with Seniors or Govt / police matters:

2012 Annual Horoscopes for all Signs:


Get things done by Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Tough work, physical pains etc is quite possible from Tuesday morning to Thursday 5:30 a.m. A very good, rewarding and image enhancing 6.5 day period starts from Thursday morning. You will see new things starting and natural support from the environment until Saturday 11 a.m. Later on there is a lot of churn and hard work but happening feel for you. Guru in full swing in rashi is very good for social & physical weight gains and also for new responsibilities at work that test you for sure. The wakri Shani in 7th house forces you to build collaborations with folks at least 2/3 rung below (masses) than your usual level. Rahu forcing to take care of older folks from the paternal family.


Vijay Mallya anyone?! J An average week for you with possibility of upset stomach until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. and some health issues but also involves some social events and gatherings. It is about collaborations / partnerships and good time to spend with spouse from Tuesday to Thursday morning 5:30 a.m. Afterwards the period until Saturday 11 a.m. is quite tough with some physical pains etc but good for spiritual/religious activities/pursuits. You enter a very good period of 6.5 days starting Saturday 11 a.m. Guru 12th forcing for planning of 12 years of life / career. Shani 6th forcing providing service to folks from different cultural background or downright – masses (bottom of the pyramid). Guru demanding investment of time, money and energy/efforts and Shani promising increased income thru the tough & unknown assignments. Do all calculations before you commit and put energy behind some plan.


Enjoy 11th Guru until May2012! J This week is very good right until Saturday morning 11 a.m. Good success in executing some plans until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Some social events, meetings and travel possibility etc until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Fruitful collaborations/partnerships, meeting with spouse/business partners with various gains until Saturday 11 a.m. Later on, 2 days are about some physical pains.


You will have a homely environment until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Later on until Thursday 5:30 a.m. you will be able to execute your plans and get some trading, investments or land etc gains from the same. Good time to spend with your in the family. Do watch stomach and overall sleep etc until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Use lime appropriately in meals! ;) Good collaborations at workplace from then to Saturday 11 a.m. Then onwards 2 days are tough with physical pains/peeda. SHRADDHA and Saboori until May2012 – check how Manmohan Singh is doing and I guess Aamir Khan has not done much from May2011 onwards or even after Nov2011 to May2012! Keep putting in hard-work – EVERYTHING will be paid from May2012 onwards in a year.


Travel or some connections with distant places are quite possible until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Much needed rest or reflection of past 4 days until Thursday 5:30 a.m. You get back in business from then to Saturday 11 a.m. with some tactical success thru execution of your plan. Weekend shows some much needed social events, good expenditure and well, upset stomach!? Guru is changing your profile & giving you something which you always wanted – stay put until May2012 and you WILL get something strategic for next 3 years for sure. Shani is almighty to give fruits in the 3rd house! (Uddhav Thackeray after a long time had some much deserving praise from even his worst detractors!)


Well – You know what I am going to say – Watch DIE HARD 1st part – and implement it! J You have just got to keep things going until May2012. This week is good with some monetary or investment gains until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Telecons, abroad connections or small travels are quite likely until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Some rest & homely environment until Saturday 11 a.m. Weekend very good to spend time with kids & family for sure.


Make hay while the sun shines. Get things done in 7th Guru which is supporting until May2012. This week shows good energy until Monday 2:30 a.m. and some gains in real estate, investments until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Travel, presentations or meeting with siblings etc possible until Saturday 11 a.m. Rest of the weekend shows much needed rest.


Watch it until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Drive carefully, plan ahead and keep spare time in hand for contingencies. Expect delays and plan accordingly. Tuesday morning to Thursday 5:30 a.m. would show the execution of new plans and deficiencies caused until Tuesday morning! Some good gains are quite likely until Saturday 11 a.m. Travel possibilities to meet cousins etc for the rest of the weekend. Sadesati – Shani wakri, Rashi Swami wakri in 10th and so on – calculations/planning are important than flairs of inspiration. 6th Guru forcing to check long term issues with health and especially stomach (internal mechanism – digestion etc) for sure.

DHANU (Sagittarius)

Get things done until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. It is a GREAT period for sure. Seat of the gains and attend to the deficiencies then until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Investment of time, money and efforts is required for next glorious month. Good energy and back on track from Thursday morning! The weekend shows incremental gains and also time spent with family.

MAKAR (Capricorn)

Well check how Rahul Gandhi had done recently! Even Raj Thackeray despite charismatic rallies haven’t got some tactical success in 4th Guru! Shah Rukh has tasted well ‘average’ results with Ra.One and Don-2 despite tremendous efforts! So how we are going to be different unless you are running Shukra Maha Shukra Antar and Shukra bhukti and Shukra in Tula in 10th house!!! ;) J J Well, this week is VERY good right until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Happening and hard work until Tuesday morning and then gains until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Later in until Saturday 11 a.m. is quite tough, shows expenditure and need for investment of time and energy. Rest of the weekend helps you get back on track.

KUMBH (Aquarius)

You guys are on your way! Look at Mulayam Singh Yadav’s recent success. The peeda & hard-work and setbacks of 8th Shani are converted to sweet gains in 9th Shani! Hillary Clinton should do much better and Michael Jackson would have done greatly if he would have stuck around for next 7.5 years! Salman is Kumbh and I guess right time right place for next 7.5 years except that he will have tussle with Govt in next 2 years (If I have his birth time correct in ballpark – Surya Antardasha in Shani maha!) J

So get back to this week. VERY good – VERY VERY good week until Saturday 11 a.m. for sure. Start of new things until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. and stress but happening feel until Thursday 5:30 a.m. Multiple gains and feed good then until Saturday 11 a.m. The rest of the weekend shows some expense, fun and travel too.

MEEN (Pisces)

Seniors would start supporting (at least stop opposing!) from 14th of this month and this would help quite a bit. This week is tough until Tuesday 2:30 a.m. Later on you enter a great period of 6.5 days! Some NEW starts until Thursday 5:30 a.m. and hence hard-work until Saturday 11 a.m. Then 2 days shows multiple gains and also time spent with friends or elder siblings/cousins. The 8th Shani shows going away from masses and doing something like a desk job is quite likely – 2nd Guru makes people feel your important somewhat which starts more after May2012 in the 3rd Guru which will also show some travel and start of some new things in life.


  1. Milind haven't mentioned anything on budh going wakri and its impact....specially on kanya rashi please....:) we shall watch die hard part 1 tooo....but please write this too :)

  2. right, "virgo" folks have to manage circumtances like ''Die Hard'' to reach the final station, and station will come soon. its just a matter of time.....

    1. Amen :)
      tuhade muh vich ghee shakkar if it all comes soon... all positive by may
      .. sometimes jab kisi cheez ko "poonch" (Tail) reh jati hai, to antsiness aur increase ho jati... there r times when i feel like im gettin tired of it all... like i wanna just go somewhere where i hav no responsibility, expectation, next task on planner...where i can just...BE! :)

    2. I’ll definitely happen sis., & I’ll also wait for your ghee shakkar, but Ghee changa aur desi hona chahiye :)

    3. :D we shall make it super desi and low in calories for ur taste buds
      Thank u for being super positive as always! :)
      Much regards

  3. Hi Milind, you predictions are usually very accurate and I always make sure to read them at the start of the week to see what to expect.
    Can you tell me your email address because I want to email you my horoscope details.
    I'm Kumbh raasi, and been having too many problems last year, and living with the consequences this year. I want to know what the future is like.

  4. Dear Milind, here I go once again. I do expect 'die hard 1' starting may for tula, but does it get much worse coupled with sadesati and shani mahadasha? you mentioned 'make hay while the sun shines', meaning work hard to complete the projects till may. thereafter, does all work face obstruction or only those initiatives that begin in 8th guru? please give a moment to quell my doubt.
    also, one more query: i lead a team, with 3 sub-ordinates. can it happen that the others have a stronger planetary support, and the work still moves better than otherwise? (of course, i will be working hard to see the projects through, just trying to get a feel of things to come.)

  5. My daughter singh rasi (July 26 1998) got an admission reject from a cherished school she applied to, just 2 days ago. She works very hard, and has great accomplishments to date. However, when it comes to establishing bragging rights (competition etc.), she seems to hit bad luck every single time, most often losing to people much worse, or sometimes being disqualified for fairly random reasons. Is this going to change anytime? As much as I encourage the child, I feel bad for her.

    - Shilpa

    1. :) i can connect coz i was an underachiever... i was always considered smart but my grades could not show d results thu out schoolin n yes it helps to b d winner (with self confidence) but dont u think the positive side of this is that 1) ur child is persevering 2) will value when luck is on her side 3) will appreciate success after failure MORE 4) n most of all-- Stay humble!
      I think failure brings humility that is better than being pompous...Being low key will help ur kid conquer the heavens if not the material world :)

  6. Dear Milindji

    Kindly check marriage perspective
    26/12/1983-6:50am-mumbai (boy)

    It will be great help if you do so..


    1. GOOD LUCK :D
      if these 2 horoscopes have a mutual karma tied-- good or bad, they will work on it in this lifetime.....
      OFF TOPIC: do u believe in sanjog? i was reading it the other day that vya (shaadi)is pre-written with the person who becomes ur spouse for good or for worse... :)

    2. ys Sahiwal

      In my entire life I was least interested in this stuff...
      I dont know why but I scare a lot from this stuff
      I feel like put behind prison:( without any reason.


    3. dont worry... sab sahi hoga...babaji knows whats best for us...
      my mom says that u just know it inside ur heart when u meet ur lifepartner-- i dont know how true--- she says its different...If its true, then i had the intuition for 1 person but he moved away n v r just frs.... i dont think i will get my heart going pitter patter like my mom says! :D

    4. can you check my request...
      I just cant write everything over here what I am going through

    5. hanji... I can try checkin synastry rt now :)

    6. Hina-
      I just checked the synastry really quick-- i can c where attraction is coming from....ur jupiter lands on his sun and ascendant which gives a very expansive n vivifying effect on his personality, u r very generous/empathetic with him n he will benefit from that...
      Fireworks come from ur mars n his venus(tight conjunction)in libra :)
      Also u put all ur luminaries in his 8th house of cancer- Again will bring transformation to his 8th house energies (re-birth of old self)--8th house relationships can feel like FATED n INTENSE but u have to b prepared for ups n downs... ur saturn is also conjunctin his mars-- U can either give structure to his actions or make him feel irked coz sometimes he will feel like u DELAY or PUT A STOP on his actions... so b cautious...
      the relationship is over all ok :) u r very emotional and he can b very critical with moon in virgo
      (this is confirmed in ashtakoot- grah maitri area-- but overall ur score is high)--- CAN WORK :)
      I c links between D1 and D9 which are also strong... but i was looking for nodal links in natals besides navamsha...
      I think this can work like any other relationship if u both accomodate with emotional and general difference in likes and dislikes.... :D this is gonna b interesting n intense!

    7. Thank you very much Sahiwal..this is helpful..sorry for late response..

      yes, my cancer goes to his 8th house
      my 7th house it self is 8th to its own luminaries & venus, I dont know much about it but some people says its weakest house in my horoscope as it is 8th from sun-moon-ven & has lowest astakvrga point..
      Intensity has already been delivered..

  7. hi milind ji

    scorpio ascend and libra saturn in 12h .....can u plss explain effect of saturn in this horoscope?


  8. Milind ji...
    I dnt knw wat to ask..
    I stl hav a doubt..whether our marrige is realy gonna hapn r nt..?
    Once u said an unorthodox persn wl cme into swethas life..the match which came to her nw is similar..he has alrdy 2 tyms married and aged too...
    My nly doubt is our horoscopes are nt compatble..i mean ther didn have a scope of our marriage...
    This query is last one mst prbly of this kind..
    Bt pls let me knw it..
    Pavan..15aug1988 8.20am..vizag
    swetha..4july1990 7.34pm...hydrabad


  9. Pavan,
    I have read your query several times on this forum, and today couldnt help but reply. I dont know what more you are expecting? :( Unfortunately Milind sir or any other astrologer/palmist/tarrot reader cannot tell you anything more than this. If I were you, I'd take the plunge - its better to do it and regret and than not do it and regret all life with "what if!!!". But that's me. You should decide for will you be able to cope if she marries someone else - if you think you cannot, then you know what best to do!. If you think that you can let her go thinking that it was fate - then so be it.
    Noone can tell you if she is the one u will marry. If its meant to be - it will be, if not it will not happen. You should do best as per your "Vivek buddhi" or better judgement. Astrology can only help you till here. From here, its all you.

  10. Shilpa here...

    Forgot to include my daughter's place of birth. She was born in New Jersey.

    - Shilpa

  11. Hi Milind,

    I don't know about other parts of the globe but people in the west are gazing at two bright stars in the sky after sunset. Jupiter venus conjuntion is happening and it is very spectacular. Is there anything special in terms of world affairs etc with this alignment in Aries.


  12. Hi Milind Ji,
    after a long time i again got desperate (leo condition):-).When u write" till May 2012 for Guru is going to give u something great for next 3 years" it means end of May of 1st may ..i know its silly :-( but till now struggle is ON and cant see anything.I hoped for shani+Guru NOW at least giving something great after soo much of struggle but i see that shani is going vakri(which reduces its affect) and my best Guru period is ending soon........Am i getting impatient or asking for too much??some good i feel io deserve now...its been a long wait-INDEED!and to add i share my birth date with ur fav Uddhav Thackeray too....Pls if u may reflect on my details once again and help!!

    AB: Thanks..i guess i along with other eaders too feel SAME about Pavan n Swetha.


  13. Pavan/ Shwetha
    Give us a break! I wih and pray all your problems get reolved, and may you get what you want!
    Each and every post, you keep repeating the same thing! There are so many people , particularly I can think of someone mentioning about a 8 yr old daughter , who have not got answers for serious issues. So do not keep playing the same record each time

    I think this forum is more than just discussing love affairs. Give others a chance to have their say too

    best luck

  14. Dear Milind

    Please write about Jupiter in vrishbh from may 2012..effects for all tweleve rashi..thanks

    1. its already there in annual rashi bhavishya
      you can check there

  15. Dear Milind,

    A little disappointed. Thought will get more on the mercury Retrograde - Aries moonsign with Mercury (R) and Sun in 12th and Mars and Sat retrograde. Guess will have a lot of fun...basically having this fun for quite some time now. By the way, April 21st (new moon) will have a lot of planets piling up in Aries....saw some websites collecting donation for a special puja :) - What are your thoughts?

  16. Dear Milind,

    I know you are too busy and guiding a lot. Please look on my details as I had sent my details and query to your Gmail ID. Please ….Please guide and help me. I am desperately waiting your reply. Now, my tough time will also starts from this week as I am a MESHA RASHI. I think you are annoyed on my desperation and sending queries several times to you.
    Regards Shashank

  17. Dear Milindjee,
    Hello. First of all many many thanks for your efforts and helping us folks our here in India and worldwide with your immense knowledge and the will to share with us all. It really helps at least motivating us and also keeping our patience. Thanks once again for the great job. I have request to help me in guding on your email id on 25th Feb,12 from****** May I sincerely request you to please help and support.I have mentioned by birth details there Sir. Your guidance is really required. I would look forward to your reply.
    Many many thanks for the great work

  18. hi milind.. any particular reason.. why this week is soo good for kumbha rashi?? purely astro question.. not even sure whether u will see this question??

  19. [1] Budh Wakri
    Budh has gine wakri at least 50 times since we took birth -- has it affected so far in some way -- yes maybe but it has effect of making things slow but need not pay attention unless you have some communication etc pending from some parties.

    [2] Pradip - -yes matter of time! :) Lage Raho Munnabhai

    [3] KISH
    Gmail id right there at the top of the blog below picture but as others would tell you -- i have notbeen able to respond! :(

    [4] SARVESH
    Depends on Shani strength in the horoscope for Mahadasha/Antardasha and sadesati is more of this life except for health issues. So yes HEALTH would be an issue but sadesati has different effects which are mutual exclusive to mahadasha./antardasha bUT yes collective effects the person feels more pressure! :) Things will keep happening and if you are a good corporate citizen you tend to select people with plpanetary positions supporting them! :) So yes you can still succeed -- rather major success THRU people are achieved in sadesati with of course learnings!

    [5] SHILPA: Daughter 26th July
    8 borns (26) will have a MUCH MUCH better GROWTH after age of 30 -- until tghen keep hard workings -- worst case is that she wil get success in 2nd attempt at worst case! In the long run she will go past all those folks for sure as 8 always WINS but it takes time and their success ios HUGE due to perseverance and continuous hardwork. Her current things are blessing in disguise and you will realise it soon.

    [6] Priya -- Difficult to just comment on this 12th Saturn in Tula -- other than - -obligations and karmic links with masses or people at places that are 9/12 hrs away or plain abroad. Siblings could settle abroad and your Mom could also keep travelling abroad or away from your in every sense of the word. or your mom is a very sensitive thing for you in life.

    [7] PAVAN
    I can't answer more than I have already -- My astro limitations -- ANything more I will say will be completely PERSONAL opinion which I should not comment.

    [8] HARI
    In Pune you can see them in the evening after Sun Set -- very close Shukra and Guru.

    [9] HARSH
    Wait until May2012 -- ! :) Guru has just entered in Bharani nakshatra so of course Leo in Poorva Uttara nakshatra are now going to see effectst! :)

    [10] Mercury Retrograde
    I do not like to give importance to these things too much. yes things would beocme a bit slow for most people with 3 planets wakri..unless someone is taking birth right now in wakri or stambhi Budh - this is NOT a big deal at all. This happens quite frequently actually!

    [11] SHASHANK
    Can check sometime during the week

    [12] KUMBH good
    9, 10, 11 Moon along with 9th Shani and 3rd Guru already -- Also Surya in Rashi ! Ask Mulayam Singh! :)

  20. Milind ji ...I have this thought in mind since sometime, can we really know from horoscope/astrology that a person would have problem with business running into loss or will close it abruptly / may loose job at some time/ or may loose lot of money during any period..? Even including major debts in certain period of life..? Also on education as well. for one of my cousin an astrologer had indicated that he can study only until 21yrs and later he wl have problems....and same thing happened later..he couldn't complete his engineering. anyway at that moment nobody bothered but now they feel that he cud have done a normal degree by i am curious to know really if such things can be prevented earlier ...?

    If these can be known to some extent at least ....then prevention can exist upto some extent ..? Is it possible or it is not since the person has to undergo his own karma?

    please throw some light on these aspects.. what can one look for in astrology exactly- like a fore warned is fore armed. If it is true then one may not land up in huge problems though some cannot be avoided.

    Best Rgds

  21. how do we know when milind ji will reply !!!! LOL...just kidding.
    Will wait patiently.
    But this note is to just THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LOTS for everything so far....and further too...
    May God bless you and your family with all needs..on time sir ! I truly wish.

  22. Hi Milind,

    I know you are very busy and u have hectic schedule, i have sent you many detailed mails regarding some queries to your gmail id. please milind do me a favour and please reply me.Iam a virgo rashi and having a hard time.

    iam born on 4th october 1986, at 12:13 noon...belgaum.please tell me how my career will be ?


  23. Hi Milindji,
    I belong to Simha rasi and I'm going thru Rahu mahadasa.Thought things would improve after Dec2011 (end of sade sati) but they are only getting worse.My career is badly affected and I don't know how to go on from here..totally lost.
    So many uncertainties and no hope....please help,I'm desperate.
    DOB:11th july 1978
    place :bangalore
    time :8:14am

  24. [13] Seniors moving fast
    Yes -- Fast moving planet in the 10th house or the owner of the 10th house in CHAR rashi (Meshm Kirk Tula Makar) with Moon -- So basically CHAR rashi and lagna folks have this issue! :)

    [14] Business or service issues from a horoscope
    YES certainly!! Planets inTEEVRA nakshatra in 10th house or owner of the 10th house or 2 6 10 owners in TEEVRA nakshatra say wakri and or in Shani or Mangal or Shatru rashi and with Shatru drushti etc etc can cuase such issues. Gochar bhraman of planets and maha antardasha of those planets in teevra nakshatra would show the periods.

    Avoiding them or reducing them AGAIN depends on how INTENSE the horoscopes are - i.e. your past karma intensity will decide if this life can mitigate it or mullify it to large extent -- BUT ONE THING you can control is HOW YOU REACT TO IT...A man has to do what a Man has to do but then do not make it worse further! :)

    [15] Thanks for the wishesh anonymous! ;)

    [16] Vijay will try to check

    [17] Simha Rashi Rahu maha
    Rahu Maha Ketu antardasha -- Ketu antardasha shows exile or immigration or going away to a 9/12 hrs place - if avoided it shows staganancy. Later on Shukra antardasha Aug 2012 to Aug2015 would be good for incomoe but skin & hair issues could be there -- minor health issues also but income increased.
    IN APRIL/May 2012 you will get something REALLY GOOD for sure!!

    1. Thank you Milindji...just a quick clarification...when you say 'exile if avoided will show stagnancy' what exactly does that mean? (sorry if this sounds silly)...also does Guru play any part in all this and will it's transit in May cause any problems?

  25. Hi Milind,

    Weekly rashi bhavishya for Kanya did not mentioned any such problem but with a phone called made to mother back home I learnt my dad is in hospital since 5 days
    suffering from back pain that makes him unable to bend or walk. Is this a problem with saturn transiting my debilitated sun in libra. I kinda preoccupied what this saturn over sun will bring me.

    I hope you can reply


  26. Hi Milind, sent you mail last month (feb8) with my query regarding me and my kid. Please take a look. Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance - Radhika

  27. milind ji also..mine job-business-course ..? what should be right next step..pls advise...have put many messages in FB.

  28. @ milind--
    Sorry for my lame question but i have no clue about "teevra" nakshatra- what category is that? fiery?

  29. @ pavan-- :D
    I know some of the responses u got were just "OUCH" n not so diplomatic n kind but i think milind bhai is correct-- an astrologer should never tell u his opinion-- else he is doing injustice to the pious job he has!
    n u know purane zamane mein pundit love marraige ke liye ashtakoota ya astrology dekhte bhi nhi the coz they used to say that their vidya n calculations r not above gods will n ur luv! so if u luv the LADY, then just BELIEVE it... coz if ur luv is true, then even the universe has no choice but to help!
    GOOD LUCK..... n tell ur WOMAN that shes truly lucky to have a man who is crazy about her :D

  30. @ pavan- :) also i m not sure if u do astrology urself... agar aapke natal charts match nhi kar rhe then check for D-9 charts(navamsa)... links between ur natal and her navamsa (and vice versa) are pretty strong check for natal lagna, natal moon, natal north node, D9 lagna, D9 moon and D9 north node...
    agar yeh 6 axis pe match ho jaye, fir ur soul recognizes the partner--- they can keep a marr intact for sure milind might hav told u more which i dont know... just think POSITIVE... n BELIEVE in GOD n ur LUV... babaji has a plan and soul bride( v call in gurmukhi)for all...n those who dont marry, become soul brides of the infinite!

  31. Milind:

    You are amazing!! I read the blog 'SHANI Change – 4th Shani Guha-Kalah / Out of your comfort Zone!!!' Felt like it was written just for me. November 21, 2011, my work life changed significantly...major commissioning and implementing job...long hours 12-14 hours/day weekends and holidays. Totally out side my comfort zone for sure but also like you said " The 4th Shani does make you work on something which you are not very natural at." It has been a long 3-4 months and the work has eased off just a wee bit but still lot more.... every day something new...To add to that reporting to a person of lower ability and credentials.....I am very tired. Is there relief in the form of a job change?? Born August 20, 1960, 2:15 am Andhrapradesh. Please advise. Also added to it living property problems. Any chance of selling the present house? Look forward to hearing from you
    Thanks and God Bless!!

  32. [14] Business or service issues from a horoscope
    Milind...Thanks for the input and I agree to the point about how man reacts ...very true.
    Same applies to Education part also..? I have mentioned an example a well where the guy never knew about the prediction but came to know after many i felt whether parents should have taken an action before.. ? would it have helped ?

  33. Milind ji, We always find about what happens when Guru is in 2nd/4th/9th...and same with Shani in few houses. Could you please write something about these impt planets like guru/shani etc in all houses. I meant not in horoscope by birth..later its movement by rashi, like kanys now facing issues with 8th guru and 2nd shani..
    It really helps us to be aware whats happening..thank you so much

  34. [9] Milind ji i am Purva does that mean i will get benefit later on or would have already been blessed ?

  35. Harsh:
    Purva will get it now...anytime in next 2 months! ;) Keep working!!

    YES I will write an artilce for Guru transit in various houses for a horoscope

    Astrolopgy is nto used for what is shoudl be used -- positively just like you do GYM -- for better health..! PLANNING TOOL...and not when there is a FIRE! :)

    Comfort Zone:
    Thanks for the feedback - Will get back.

    Teevra is intense like Krittika, Ashlesha, Jyshtha. Moola and to some extent Dhanishtha and Magha too! :)

    Yes when SHani over Sun -- Father's health have to be watched.

    1. Hi Milind,

      what are indicators for hospitalisation. My father has been bed ridden for 3 times in his life .

  37. SD here Milind ji, I meant to ask whether one can know about education also in astrology....i mean like can anybody ask when they are in 12th standard about their future education..? Does it help in planning?
    Thanks again.

  38. Hi Milind,

    Do you think children born during this period with three planets wakri (saturn, mars and mercury) could have issues in life ? Do their parents need to do something about it? Plan some remedy etc in advance ?

    Thanks in advance

  39. Milind
    Thanks for the reply! I have read and re-read some of your past musings, on the 'Mandate of your life'. Very interesting and compelling. Makes a lot of sense. I have shared your Blog with a lot of my friends who loved it as well. Have you thought of writing a book?

    You already know this but I must say from the bottom of my heart "God Bless You" for proving hope and guidance to the over million readers of your blog

    I am the person you just replied to on "being out of my comfort zone" (Aug 20, 1960, 2:15 am). Waiting to hear from you--AKS

    Thanks in Advance

  40. I meant PROVIDING hope and guidance. AKS

  41. Milind...How important or does it make good sense to check for the time ( whether its right/wrong good /bad) before starting any venture..? Also with/without partnership ? through horoscope can it be checked also on investment capability and advise ( like can astrology advise "dont invest beyond xx lacs or something like that? also on type of venture?

    I want to check for these before my husband start something as he wants to....but he doesn't bother about astrology too much. But I feel very uncomfortable without asking....hence my question if i can get some logical answer from you ...Thanks!

    Pls let me know..thanks

  42. NO NEED TO CHECK TIME ETC BEFORE STARTING ANY VENTURE -- I DO NO BELIEVE IN MUHURAT ---- BUT from horoscope I will suggest that teh specific time period is of LESS risk or more risk and hence shoudl not put too much now and go slowly veruss -- put your money now as indicators are good and you wiull get returns in say 3, 5 or 7 years etc etc

  43. Partnerships -- Some horosscope has VERY definite NO NO for business partnerships and some VERY Good!

  44. oh .. didn't expect this quick response! thank you.

  45. @ milind-

    THANK U tons for making it so clear! :)appreciate that...
    My lagna is rohini and lagna lord venus is in krittika (venus in 1st)-- so overall, wud u say my ascendant is in "teevra" nakshtra? or does rohini tone it down? coz im not sure if my ascendant comes out intense ....although i look sometimes like some dreamy "lost chicken"... im least intimidating ..

  46. Hi Milind,

    Can birth time with three planets wakri create issues ? What can be the impact ?

    Thanks for your reply,(i know you are much sought after and over-loaded with queries.)

    Or Sahiwal, do you have an idea about this subject ?

    1. @ anonymous-
      I do know how retrograde planets work but I would be lying if I say i know it all or about the combined effect of it all...
      My bad :) However, u hav to look at all aspects of the planets... so u cant isolate it n think it is all bad... :)

  47. Hi Milind,

    I am so upset.
    I want to bring to your attention that a website is plagiarising your writings. These folks are using your knowledge and wisdom ,which you gave for free , to attract people to their site and possibly bilk them. with your permission I am going to put the link here so that other people can see and judge.otherwise i can send you the link to your gmail inbox.


  48. Wanted to respond to your comment on "Shani over Sun" - When I look at my father's horoscope, he has Shani and Sun conjunct (same house). His father (my paternal grandfather) was in good health most of his life - lived till was 90 really.

    - Shilpa

  49. @Shilpa

    I was referring to transit saturn over my natal sun. I noticed that the last saturn transit over my natal sun in oct 1984 sent my father to hospital and in treatment for almost 10 weeks due to work accident.

    This time the health issue is different.


  50. Hi milind
    Don't Mind but got confused through your blog. I was having a tough times since last couple of years (marriage in 2007, differences with mother, leaving home, got a mentally exhausting job, depression, 3 Miscarriages with wife then finally a cute daughter last march, 2 false FIRs at job, salary blocked since last 1 year, loss in reputation). Read your Virgo predictions and got a hope after 12 May i.e. Guru going to 9th, I guess its called guru ki mahadasha. Then today just checking your blog, read that My sunsign is rather leo as per you. So what to do ??? I was born on 12 September 1981 at 01:10 pm at Sambalpur Orissa. Hardships :-) suits like as if I m no clue.
    Another question?? I had an intercaste love cum arranged marriage. Heard somewhere that in intercaste marriages, both the kundlis work on their own, 10 december i.e. Sagittarius for my wife and u say rain of rs.....well the case is drought here. HELP


  51. @kamal,I'm no expert but i think from your birth details you are kumbh. Milind or other learned members may clarify it.

  52. sir
    i keep writing to you, but no reply please reply sir it will be of much help to me
    16-09-1983 1.00 AM

  53. Sir,
    I was born on 17th dec 1977 at 4.20am. I know i m saggitarius. But m i a dhanu or a kumbh?


  54. [18] Sahiwal
    Rohini nakshatra is about people contact (the way) and ability to redicule but a docie nakshatra or Dev-Gan. Ascendant lord in Krittika could show health issues when Shan is in Vishakha/end of tula or in start of Vrishchik from mid 2014. or from Dec2000 to Dec2002 when Shani was in Vrishabh. or even July2007 to end of 2007 etc when Shani entered Leo.

    [19] Wakri Planets : 3 in birth chart
    I have a spefici article on wakri planets please check..yes it does show past karma which is somewhat flawed in 1 specific thing could be related to karakatva or ownership of the planet. When 2/3 things showthe same direction then only one should make some predictions/assumptions.

    [20] HARI
    Please do share the LINK with me -- My friend is coming up with a Site and it is already up and running in test region etc. Let me know if this is some other site.

    [21] SHILPA
    Surya shani would be away from each other and both might not aspect lagna or in lagna or lagna lord -- OR a STRONG sign like DHANU or Leo MESH etc-- Lagnesh if aspected by Guru -- long life is almost ensured.

    [22] Hari
    Thanks for sharing it, When Shani was opposite my Surya 30 years back -- My father had a SOLID accident -- Saibaba Krupa he survived! This time around also despite knowing very well he had a injury to head -- several stitches. But again krupa hain!!

    [23] KAMAL --- HARSHIPS -- Leo Virgo etc confused
    Your Moon Sign is KUMBH - and your SUN SIGN IS LEO as you are Sept 12 born. So no confusion there! So KUMBH will appky you much more.
    SEPT 2009 to Nov2011 was VERY BAD period for you as Shani went over Guru (kids, health) and Budh and horocope Shani and was 8th to your moon Moon also.
    (1) Miscarriages seem to be combination of your and your wife's horoscope as your horoscope shows LATE santati at the age of 30/32.
    (2) Horoscope shows abroad stay mostly for loog term.
    (3) PLEASE USE PUSHKARAAJ for sure -- greatly beneficial to you.
    (4) I am also confused as Guru Maha and Shukra Antardasha for you from Oct 2009 to Jun2012 which is GREAT .. The Ketu antardasha before that was very bad from Oct 2008 to Oct2009 -- multiple issues in that.
    (5) You shoudl do blood test every 6 months -- hemoglobin or some difficiency could be there -- MUNGA woudl help and eating red fruits and dates woudl help too.
    Horoscope is VERY STRONG and VERY GOOD and you will have fantastic period now from Nov2011 to next 7.5 or rather 10 years!!

  55. Hi Milind,

    Please look at this website I was referring to.

    The section on rashi fal 2012. This website looks so weird with free consultation. You should complain about this.



  56. thanks a lot Milind ji.....yaa u r rite....there is confusion....each time some one sees my hand or kundali....I get overwhelming response....I was even told raj yoga in my hand. Regarding my kundali, I was told that it was a Kul deepak kundali......but still waiting for stars to turn around....May be everything has been withheld by god due to some KARMA issues . Any ways ...Didn't hurt someone ever willingly yet paying too much of a price.

    Thanks for your valuable time. Seems funny though that for the last 30 years I was reading a wrong horoscope. But now onwards I will read KUMBH... May be, even I may see some MULAYAM type heroistics in life.

    I will surely wear Pukhraaj and Munga. Got checked HB count. It was good so far. Could not under stand ur 4th point about guru mahadasha and shukr antardasha !!! any ways lets see when this 7.5 years began


  57. This is not acceptable!! :( They have copied ALL the stuff as is !!! Let me inquire!!

  58. Milind ji,
    How does the planets affect if u r overseas? Are the calculations based on IST? I have been in USA for past 10 yrs, kanya rashi and just like other kanya folks facing all kind of problems and troubles. what ever i earned in terms of name/fame in first 6 to 7 yrs , went down the drain in past 2 and half yrs for no reason.It has made me feel like my brain has evaporated from the skull. Hope fully like u predicted, may 2012 will bring relief, and thanks to u in tons for your efforts, keep up the good work. :)

  59. @ Milind-
    Thank for the explanation along with the word of caution... ill b watchful of my health especially around that time :)
    I am very prone to surgeries... i have had a fair share of them since 2006-2007.. may b mars in 8th-- death by excision, emergency, weapon,accident, force... :) JFK had mars in 8th and was assassinated too...
    I hope its a one shot wham-bam-n-done death !:D

  60. Milind,

    Try to put a copyright on your articles. I believe it is easy enough.


  61. Milindji,
    You should also be able to prevent copy,paste. I don't know how, but will try to find out and update. I looked up "view source" and he is not fetching it dynamically from your site. He has actually copied text from the site and provided his own formatting. He has done this for yearly horoscopes now, but will be inclined to do more in case preventive steps are not put in place immediately.
    I would like to suggest the astromnc readers boycott the copycat website and you should put up a disclaimer to that effect right on top.


  62. Overseas:
    Are yaar -- Convert the IST times given in my article to US times for weekly bhavishya. Annual hardly matters -- yes Sun movements predictions are 1 day apart..

  63. Dear Milindji, I have addressed numerous email to you but no response. my dob is 21/05/75 and place of birth is Mumbai, time 22:44 hours. I have lost my job for no fault of mine. I am trying to keep myself up to date by doing some certifications. Please have a look at my case.........thanks, prashant

  64. Milind ji, thanks for ur reply, may be i didnt ask it right, what i meant to ask was, if one is living away from his janma bhoomi, do the planetary movement affect him as much as they would if he was in his janma bhoomi, for eg, sade sati? cos some astrologer way back told me that it wont affect that much if one is away from the janma bhoomi during that phase? i did not belive it cos the karma will follow one , where ever he goes,, ur comments please..

  65. Hi Milind,

    You say virgo will have a good time after may 2012 as guru will be in 9th place, but right now virgo is under sade saathi till 2014 i guess....then what will be effect of both sade saath and guru in 9th place ? iam born on 4th october 1986 at 12:13PM in belgaum...iam struggling hard from last 3 years in career but no progress....please tell how my career will be under sade saathi and guru in 9th place from may2012 ?


  66. Hi Milind,

    Continuation of above post, i did all hard work in last 3 years, certifications, wrote many exams related to higher education, worked very hard to find good job also...but all in vain...will ever good time come for me??..please check my horoscope...born on 4th october 1986...12:13 PM belgaum


  67. Hi Milind,

    Can you tell in general about atmakaraka dasa or sub dasa. I am currently going through my mars antardasha. mars is in 5H virgo. Would i get more punishment or will it save me.



  68. Milind ji ...Meen Rasi will have Guru in 2nd house from May or Feb ???
    Also pls tell me, what is suitable for me job or business..? trying for job after 6yrs of gap in service as deciding to close the struggling business....want to be bit careful ahead. Any certification worth? Basically need to earn money..have I got any earning chance in my horoscope...feeling very very low confidence , pls let me know. DOB:16.2.1975,POB:Bangalore,TOB: 00:40AM .
    Sent many messages in FB...sending here again.
    Thanks a lot...hoping for some astro advise.

  69. Hi Sir, I want your help; actually i have planned for a love marriage but our kundali is not matching had met almost 6 diff astrologers but no satisfying result, we are determined to get married but still worried of any adverse result.

    I do not want to share the details on the blog kindly suggest.

  70. Dear Milind,
    This is a question that bothers me. I have heard that when the left twitches it means sometging bad will happen, and if right eye twitches sonething good will happen. Is this significant in Vedic astrology. My left eye has been twitching a lot lately.

  71. Hi Milind:

    Hope you were able to sort out things with the guy(s) who are stealing your writings and posting them as their own. It is sad that they do that under the name of 'Goddess' 'Shakti'.

    I want to cite a paragraph from your predictions for a clarification:In the 2012 Kirk rashifal, you say the following

    "Seniors do not know much about what to exactly do with you due to the situation and not exactly your karma! This would change DRASTICALLY with changing situation after May2012"

    I am really looking forward to May 2012, although the word you have used above 'DRASTICALLY' could also mean SEVERLY or HARSHLY. Please clarify....I'm hoping situation to improve HUGELY or DRAMATICALLY for the better.

    Thanks in advance!


  72. Hi Milind,
    Can you please comment on horoscope for birthdate October 2, 1974 at 1.06 pm. I'm mostly interested in health and career. Appreciate it.


  73. @ milind--
    Saturn is gonna oppose my aries sun/node conjunction this year... :( hope babaji keeps my papa n my fam safe n healthy :)
    is saturn opposite sun always aimed at father?
    coz i used to think it cud get me in trouble with seniors coz its in 12th house or affect my health or i might feel old or obstructions/responsibility!
    now im shit scared n im gonna increase my path :/

    1. Don’t worry sis, you’ll successfully pass the Saturn’s exam; I hope your confidence & Jupiter’s support saves you. Baba Ji pe yajin rakh

  74. Hi Milind,
    My rasi is Kumbha.From last 5 years trying to change company but unable. DOB:-27/05/1970, Birthtime: 16:30 Place :- Jamshedpur. Really I don't know everybody at kumbha rasi getting good opportunity but for myself is financially is very bad position.

    Please let me know your comments.
    Thanks in advance.

  75. (1) Away from janmabhoomi -- YES it applies everywhere on earth! :)

    (2) Father, Govt and Senior Karak is SUN so yes SAHIWAL -- it applies to all of them and if Vrishchik lagna or Moon then applies more as Sun is the L10.

    PLEASE IGNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless it has any health issues show it to eye doctor! :) :)

    (4) AKS: DRASTIC
    Yes I meant dramatic imrpovement -- My Mithun Mangal and Meen Budh make me use incorrect word sometimes! :)

    (5) SANDY - Pl send email I can check -- if you love each other and your NUMERO numbers are the same -- do not worry about horoscopes..GO AHEAD AND GET MARRIED - MY BLESSING (if they work) to you!! :)

    i.e you bdate and her bdate add to same numbers of coimpatible not 1 and 8 or not 9 & 5. and also total additions reduce to compatible ones etc etc.

    (6)S : Meen rahsi will have 3rd guru from May2012...whch could show start a few thing and travel possible -- Your impact on the surroundings!

    (7) HARI
    Atmakarak -- Is only SUN -- and I think this Atmakarak business is one more gimmick used by Astrologers to sound mysterious!! ? :) USE PLAIN LOGIC --- and not such buzzwords when you look at a Horoscope.. KARAKATVA and OWNERSHIPS of the planet will shows the area of results of the planet...the strength of the planet will show either gain or paying back to others in the mahadasha.


  76. (6)S : Meen rashi will have 3rd guru from May2012...whch could show start a few thing and travel possible -- Your impact on the surroundings!

    Milind Ji, From so many days am waiting...kindly let e know if I have earning aspect in my horoscope.
    I definetly understand getting some type of job doing something for an earning to live...but you know what exactly I am asking for pls pls let me know. Thanks.


  77. Hi Sir,

    I have droped the mail. Request you to revert on the same.

    Also wanted to know that, do you entertain personal meeting.

  78. dear Milind Sir ,

    great article on MARS in 3rd house....

    I had posted my query in ur post of MARS in 3rd house...may be you overlooked it in a i am repeating for your kind perusal...
    Please throw your light of divine knowledge & help

    MARS in 3rd house

    ... what you said is quite true in my case

    I am Kumbh (lagna + Rashi)shatbhisha nakshatra, with MARS in 3rd house along with SURYA & RAHU (MARS having the highest degree of about 29 degrees) also lagnesh SHANIdev is vakri in 10th house...

    as you stated above such MARS is excellent for sports persons having great agression, right since my childhood I have played lots & lots of cricket (palyed regularly @ Shivaji Park) & wished to make it as my career, but surprisingly I landed into deep studies of CA...(but still kept playing in lanes etc until past 1 year or so) This I believe is due to RAHU yuti or MARS getting AST due to SURYA...?? or may be even Vakri Lagnesh SHANI in 10th house of career...

    What does your divine light of knowledge opine in this case??
    also I am currently going through SHANI mahadasha since May 2007...It hasnt been going good...careerwise & life in general : ( ever since it has started with lots of setbacks... Pls Pls Pls kindly guide & help...

    Thanks for such a gr8 article again...with many more to come...

    best regards

  79. Hi Milind

    The DRAMATIC change...In my present job situation I don't see any improvement or promotion or better portfolio. Do you think it may be through a job change? The person I am reporting to got a promotion. He is less educated than me and has less experience. Most of th time I am so busy with completing my day to day work that I forget about it.....and then when it comes back in my is very depressing. Please also check if my property issue will be resolved. Trying to sell my house for the last 1 year. No Luck. My kids 25, and 19 struggling as well. My DOB (20-8-1960, 2:15 hyderabad). Thanks!

  80. Milindji,

    Sachin Tendulkar (Dhanu rasi?) got his "dream come true" moment like you said. MArch/April 2012. Good prediction.


  81. Milind Bhau

    Copy Right taka...tumachya dnyanacha durupyog hou naye asa watta.

  82. Hi Milind Sir,

    I have virgo moon sign.I hv lost my job in nov DOB is 1/9/81 11PM Fatehgarh(UP),when will i get new job.

    Please reply.


  83. waiting for this week's bhavishya...................

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